Cybersecurity: a saving awareness but risks remain high

Cybersecurity events are becoming increasingly rich, positive in some respects, more unfortunate in others. The health crisis has accelerated and accentuated the threat.

In France, the market is said to be extremely dynamic, both in terms of innovation and investment. To be simple, there is more talk about security and this is rather satisfying.

The increase in threats and attacks, and the number of companies suffering from cyber-attacks, have in fact helped to raise awareness and interest. In a virtuous circle, the fears generated have stimulated business opportunities and innovations.

Is cybersecurity finally becoming the major issue for our societies?

It seems that yes, this desire to secure what we have built, for fear of disappearing, of tarnishing an image, of blocking a project, is becoming more and more perceptible.

However, the question remains: do we know how to deal with the security of our information and data in a relevant and effective way? And above all, what defence strategy should we adopt, to be more effective in the face of the risks involved?

As information systems security is a field that has long remained restricted to a small number of experts, it is easy to justify the delay in maturity or the disparity in approaches.

To avoid any anxiety on this subject, it is interesting to note that this delay is now well and truly caught up.

We are now convinced that the richness of the debates of the past year, but also the increasing number of technological advances in this field, point us towards the construction of adequate methodologies, approaches and tools for true resilience.

To combine all this, we insist on the need to think strategically, to combine risk management with the possibility of an attack and all its consequences, and to organise ourselves to react better... This must be our permanent concern and our leitmotiv.

Three sources of risk are known and common to all cases of occurrence: human, software and hardware.

We have already mentioned this triptych, and our defence strategies must imperatively cover these three dimensions. To miss any one of them would be a major mistake, and one with serious consequences!

We are not powerless in the face of our vulnerabilities: a growing awareness of the risks, and an ever greater mobilisation of our attentions, will enable us to curb the risks to which we are, and will be, exposed.

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