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    In the era of digital transition, digital development is an essential leverage for our clients' expansion.
    Security, the only way to protect it.
    La sécurité à la portée de tous
  • Oligo Risk Manager

    Oligo Risk Manager, which has all the features of Ebios Risk Manger, has ANSSI certification.
    Oligo Risk Manager

    Our support

    We support you and train you to better understand your risks. We help you express your threats as well as identify the processes to protect for raise your cyber maturity level.

    Our solutions

    To equip you and facilitate security management of your information systems. Simple means for an effective evangelization and a harmonization of your internal practices in order to arm you for a total resilience.

    Our innovations

    We are continuing our R&D to continuously improve our tools, anticipate the flaws of tomorrow, ensure and successfully protect your information assets during your present and future digital transformations.

    Reciproc-it launches Oligo Risk Manager

    Faced with the new challenges we are facing in terms of cybersecurity, it becomes vital to rethink our functioning and behavior in order to adequately mitigate the risks threatening us.
    Responding with Oligo Risk Manager is a logical continuation of our commitment to our clients. Our experience in managing risks related to the security of information systems has guided us since the creation of Reciproc-IT in thinking and designing Oligo Risk Manager.
    Oligo Risk Manager is the shortest path to guaranteed Cyber-Resilience.



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