How to secure company data and assets

We are in the age of "anything can happen", technological disruption is increasing the risks to our businesses exponentially. It is essential to rethink the security of information systems in order to take into account current cyber threats.

Nowadays, risk comes to the companies' doors on a regular basis, and no one is safe from it. Small, medium and large companies are all equally exposed to the threat!

Traditionally, we have protected our assets by material technical means, risk management methods, more or less appropriate.

The great challenge today is much greater, it relates to the durability of the activities, securing our business becomes an emergency. It is a question of making a choice about the method, the behaviour that we must adopt to deal with these new threats.

Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report 2019 is based on hard data from 41,686 security incidents and 2,013 data breaches from 73 data sources, both public and private, across 86 countries. 

Why we believe the answer lies in Cyber-Resilience. We talk about it a lot since the multiplication and intensity of the attacks, which in the future will become part of our daily lives.

Cyber-Resilience is the prerequisite that companies must adopt, a risk management, crisis management approach: How to act in the face of an attack!

Our advice for building this resilience is based on 4 fundamentals:

  • Understanding your striker
  • Thinking about the attack, preventing it
  • Implementing a remedial solution
  • Strengthen prevention at the strategic, operational and human levels

The crisis must be anticipated in order to manage it better, both on the technical side for rapid remediation to avoid damage to the company, and on the human side: well prepared internal and external communication is helpful.

Internally, it is a matter of appeasing and encouraging the team in charge of remediation to avoid stress and the "who's in charge" phenomenon.

And finally, externally, it is essential to report the incident to customers and partners. An information leak could be fatal to the company.

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