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Our Offers


Because we know how to mobilise the directorates of our clients, because we place trade issues early at the heart of our processes, our security guidance maps are tailored for each of our clients, perfectly applicable, thus applied!


Implementation and Management of ISMS

The implementation of the recommendations in our audits is completed by the setup of preventive governance and corrective which implies:

  • Operationally Piloting the risks of SI
  • Measure and optimize the security of the information system
  • Implement dashboards and indicators in order to control its ISMS
  • Continuously facilitate the security sector of the information system

Risk Management & IS Security

Our risk management approach is based on the rigorous application of the most proven risk analysis methods.Incorporating the latest standards and regulations for compliance, our audits are based on a full range of tools whose spectrum extends from intrusion Test code auditing, to vulnerability audits, configuration or architecture.Our recommendations are organized in a pragmatic action plan, which must both ensure the continuity of customer activity, without neglecting the human dimension of organizations, that our teams count on building awareness of security issues.

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