Cyber resilience is not a trend but a necessity

En cette fin d’année 2020, il est intéressant de souligner l’intérêt porté de façon grandissante à la sécurité des systèmes d’informations, et à la protection des données personnelles. Nous devrions peut-être modérer nos spéculations sur le désintérêt ou le manque de sensibilisation aux enjeux sécurité des SI. Nous constatons désormais que cette nouvelle période de disruption, de transformation positive, du « travailler autrement » a apporté son lot de bénéfices, de facilité et d’efficacité, mais également des dangers et menaces, une tendance manifeste qui anime de plus en plus la vigilance des utilisateurs de tous bords.

The newspaper "Le BIG DATA" recently reported that one French people out of 5 has left social networks in one year. If this awareness is, for many, linked to the entry into effect of the RGPD Regulation, it is no less true that it will intrinsically improve the behaviour of everyone.

The real issue we need to discuss today is the level of maturity that our companies have reached in terms of managing the security of their information systems, and our relationship with cybersecurity. Are we ready to face it?

  • Have we done everything to protect ourselves, our businesses, our assets, our data etc...
  • Do we know enough about our risks to be able to anticipate, manage and control them
  • Do we apprehend the striker: his profile, his modus operandi, his strength and weakness...

The answers to these questions are a prerequisite for better countering the new threats. The effervescence of solutions and methods (which may be questionable in terms of their effectiveness and usefulness) feeds (or even overfeeds) the marketing chains, with a strong risk of spreading ourselves and distracting us from the essential.

The challenges of cyber threats deserve a more global approach that takes into account the context to be protected, its components, its ecosystem, its strengths and weaknesses.

Can this approach allow us anticipation and remediation?

Let's help our businesses and organizations by teaching them to be resilient.

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